Austrian Ambassador visits St Nicholas Montessori College Ireland


On 26th September 2013, His Excellency, Dr Tomas Nadar, Austrian Ambassador to Ireland visited Saint Nicholas Montessori College Ireland (SNMCI) to award certificates to 24 students from Bundesbildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpädagogik in Linz. As part of the LEONARDO DA VINCI project ‘FLY’ (Foreign Language Learning for the Youngest), the students had spent the last three weeks learning through placement about Montessori education in Ireland.
The Ambassador remarked that the students had chosen a very important profession.
He said:

“A child’s early years are his or hers most informative. Their capacity to absorb is incredible and we must have structures to support this. If we can take lessons and experiences in early childhood education from countries like Ireland, then this will inform our practice in Austria.”

The Director of SNMCI, Ian McKenna thanked Dr Nadar’s for his presence at this important ceremony. This link between Austria and SNMCI is very important and one which SNMCI values. SNMCI, with its rich history of international links, is determined that this will continue for many years to come. He hoped over the course of their stay that the Austrian students got a valuable insight into the core mission of SNMCI and the importance of Montessori education in Ireland. He said:

“My message to SNMCI learners is threefold – you must be confident in your learning, you must be professional in your dealings and you must conduct yourself ethically. This message is as important in Austria as it is in Ireland. Montessori teachers have a huge responsibility to ensure that a child’s education in positive and that their desire to learn more is encouraged.”

He conclude by wishing the students the best for their continuing studies and hoped that their experience here would encourage them to come back to Ireland.

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