Good News for 2015 School Leavers…

This is the first year SNMCI will be processing its school leaver entrants through the CAO and we are delighted with the response we are getting.

One of the many attractions of the SNMCI programmes is that the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Montessori Education leads to restricted recognition from The Teaching Council. This means that SNMCI graduates are eligible to teach in special education settings in primary schools or special education schools.   The Montessori approach is recognised as having a particular strength in developing an innovative approach to respond to children with special educational needs.

In October 2014, The Teaching Council launched a consultation to revise these registration regulations. As part of this process, the Council indicated that students starting the SNMCI programme in 2015 would not eligible to apply for this restricted recognition, when they graduate in 2019.

Following an extensive engagement, the Director of SNMCI, Ian McKenna, is delighted to announce that students enrolling with SNMCI on its Bachelor of Arts in Montessori Education programme this coming September will be eligible to register with The Teaching Council. He commented:

“The extension gives the required clarity for those school leavers who are interested in pursuing our programmes and I thank The Teaching Council for their co-operation in this regard. School leavers can now plan their higher education choices with greater certainty. However, SNMCI remains opposed to the removal of the Restricted Recognition. I am convinced that the interests of education system, and more importantly children, are better served by having professional educators with a range of different teaching methodologies, which allows them to respond to each unique child.”

He continued:

The continuation of access to The Teaching Council registration, combined with SNMCI students being eligible to apply for SUSI grants makes this college a genuine choice for 2015 school leavers.”

Any school leaver wishing to find out more about SNMCI programmes should contact Ms Mary Scaggs, Admissions Co-ordinator at

Date published: 1 May 2015