For Learners & Graduates

Our long established links with Montessori preschools and primary schools give our learners and graduates a wide network of work placements and graduate opportunities within the early childhood care and education sector.

Our graduates and current students are highly regarded in the sector and as a result a qualification from SNMCI gives our graduates a competitive advantage when it comes to securing employment. Here are some examples of positions that our graduates can gain.

It is envisaged that graduates of the BA in Montessori Education will find employment as advanced practitioners in Early Childhood in the following roles as:  
  • Teachers in Montessori Early Childhood care or educational settings
  • Members of a work-force in ECEC settings, which include direct work with children, and supervision and management roles.
  • Owner/managers in privately owned Montessori Early Childhood settings
  • Community and voluntary based managers and inspectors
  • Managers, administrators in City amd County Childcare Committees, Family Resource Centres and HSE specialist ECEC services
  • Managers or teachers in Naionraí
It is envisaged that graduates of the BA (Hons) in Montessori Education will find employment as:
  •  Teachers in Montessori schools
  • Teachers in private primary schools
  • Special education teachers in mainstream primary school and special schools
  • Special needs support personnel in educational settings
  • Owner/managers in privately-owned Montessori schools
  • Managers in ECEC
  • Managers or teachers in Naoinraí
This programme qualifies for restricted recognition under Regulation Three of Teaching Council Registration Regulations (2009)  
The Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Years Montessori Education is at level 8 on the framework and it is anticipated that graduates exiting this programme are likely to find employment as
  • Montessori school teachers in private Montessori schools
  • Managers and principals in private Montessori schools
  • Co-ordinators or managers of early years settings
It is also expected that key tasks and responsibilities associated with postgraduate students exiting the Higher Diploma course are likely to include
  • Advocates for programmes and community services that are supportive of children, families and the ECEC sector
  • Experts attached to the pre-school inspectorate and other quality assurance organisations.


For Employer

The College maintains an active database of its learners and graduates, in order to facilitate their development from initial training and placement to post-qualification employment.  By working closely with employers, the College has established proven structures that work to the benefit of students and employers alike.

If you would like to facilitate and benefit from excellent candidates, either during their internship training, or upon their graduation, please contact the College and we will gladly make the necessary arrangements.

Contact details for the Programme Directors are as follows:

BA in Montessori Education: Averil Courtney averil.courtney@snmci.ie

BA Hons in Montessori Education: Michael O’Connor micheal.oconnor@snmci.ie

Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Childhood Montessori Education: Ann King ann.king@snmci.ie