Learner Support Services

We want you to get the most out of your time in SNMCI. Sometimes things happen in life that challenge us and make our path as learners tougher. We have strategies and services to assist you through this challenge.

Counselling Service

  • A counsellor is made available to learners who require such support, in the event you would like to avail of this please contact your Year Head to arrange support.

Learning Support.

We have mechanisms in place for learners with academic support requirements, specifically learners

  • with learning disabilities
  • with English as a second language
  • who have transferred from another programme in the College or from another institution

We welcome all students including those with disabilities and specific learning difficulties. SNMCI is an equal opportunities institution. An essential part of this policy is to facilitate the entry to and participation in the student life of all students.

There are a number of support services we can offer you in relation to your needs, your Year Head can advise you on the best option for you.

Please inform the College of the nature of your specific situation upon application. The College will inform you of what paperwork you will need to provide to ensure we can best assist you.