How do I get involved

Get involved

There are two ways to become involved:

1. Become a Class Rep
At the beginning of the year nomination are opened for the Class Rep positions. Elections are held on the nominated students by closed ballot. Once Class Rep’s have been elected those are announced by the Year Head. They will then be invited to participate in the Student Council.

2. Offer help in organising an Event.
If your class already has Class Reps but you have an idea for an event or want to help out at one then contact your Class Rep and you can get involved.

Why should you get involved?

  • Student life is more than study, the Student Council and Class Reps are a good way to get to know what’s happening and to get involved in where the College is going.
  • Participation in Student Council activities broadens your experience of student life, you can help others and yourself to get the most out of your time in SNMCI.
  • Parties, Balls & Day Trips are great to go to, but when you’ve been involved in organising them they are even better, as you know you’ve contributed to a richer student life in SNMCI.
  • The Student Council work closely with admin and academic staff, this is great for your CV in the future. A well rounded teacher is a very employable teacher.