What is the Student Council

The Class Reps and Student Council form one of the principal conduits for expression of students’ opinions, and is recognised as such by the College, the Class Reps are the official channel for airing your voice as a student.

Student Council 2013/2014

President – Aoife Jarvis
Secretary- Michelle Mulville
Treasurer – Helen Fayne

Stage 1 Reps – Keziah Hill, Peter Furlong & Aisling O’Connor
Stage 2 Reps – Lyn Beattie & Karen Kirwan
Stage 3 Reps – Aoife Jarvis & Michelle Mullville
BA Hons Reps – Amy O’Keeffe & Helen Fayne
HDip Dublin – Jacqueline Yanwa Ngantchop

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What is it?

  • The Student Council comprises of the Class Reps who are elected by each year/class.
  • Once elected they automatically become Student Council Members.
  • The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Student Council are elected at their first meeting.
  • They then meet regularly to compile student issues and comments and to plan events for the student body.

How does it work?

  • Your Class Rep is there to hear your comments, suggestions and questions about your course and experience in SNMCI, so talk to them.
  • Class Reps bring that information to the Stage Heads or to Student Council depending on the content of the query..
  • From there the President and Treasurer bring issues and comments to the Academic Committee meetings once a month.
  • Answers and advice are filtered back through the Student Council to the Student body.
  • They also plan events for the Student body, so if you have an idea for an event or want to get involved, talk to your Class Rep.

What’s in it for me?

As a student the Student Council is your voice in the college, they speak to the Academic Committee on your behalf. If you want to bring something to the attention of the College talk to your Class Rep. They also plan events like Parties, Day trips and the College Ball, these events are advertised around the college, and on our Facebook Page.