Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which acknowledges, and gives value to, learning achieved prior to registering for a programme of study at Saint Nicholas Montessori College Ireland (SNMCI).

RPL is intended for any learner who may or may not have had structured formal education but who have learned from their involvement in employment, community activities, sports, etc. Learners may also have undergone formal learning in another educational institution and received certification for it. In effect, you have an opportunity to accelerate your progress to a SNMCI qualification. The key task for you is to demonstrate that you have already achieved the learning of the programme of study you intend to pursue.

RPL can be used for

(a)     admission to a programme of study where the standard entry requirements are not met

(b)    advanced entry to a programme of study,

(c)     the award of exemptions on a programme of study.

Prior Learning is learning which has taken place, but not necessarily been assessed or measured, prior to admission and acceptance to a programme of study. It takes two forms – it may be

(a)     certified (normally called Prior Certified Learning),


(b)    experiential (called Prior Experiential Learning)


It is important to note that you can present applications which can be made up of both forms.

If you wish to further explore your options for RPL, you should review the following documentation:

  1. SNMCI policy on RPL
  2. Guide to completion of RPL application form;
  3. Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) regarding the SNMCI RPL procedure;
  4. RPL procedures for certain applicants onto Level 7 Bachelor of Arts in Montessori Education

If you wish to submit an application, this should be sent to:

Admissions Co-ordinator,

Saint Nicholas Montessori College Ireland,

16 Adelaide Street,

Dún Laoghaire

Co Dublin.

A fee of €500 is payable which should be submitted with your completed application. This is non-refundable, but should you register on the programme, it will be offset against the programme fee.

Date published: 12 May 2014