SNMCI Responds to Draft Registration Regulations

Today, SNMCI responded to the consultation process launched by The Teaching Council.  The proposed removal of the restricted recognition is counter-intuitive to the ideals of inclusivity and innovation promoted by The Teaching Council. 

Ian McKenna, Director, Saint Nicholas Montessori College Ireland believes that it is possible to continue with the current Regulation 3, while also addressing the additional legislative requirements imposed within the teacher registration process.  He continued

“Many pupils with special needs have benefitted from the uniqueness of the Montessori pedagogy.  Our Graduates, like their peers with Level 8 qualifications from other Teacher Training Colleges, have played a professional role in many Special Education settings in Primary and Special schools.  The proposed removal of the restricted recognition from SNMCI graduates will limit, if not ultimately remove access of pupils with special needs to this unique skillset.

A core value of the Irish Education system is not about a ‘one size fits all’ approach – we must allow for a diversity of responses and experience to the many challenges in our system.  This proposal undermines that core value.”

A copy of SNMCI’s response can be found here.